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“Happy Endings” Episode 2×16 captures

I added 55 “Happy Endings” episode 2×16 captures.

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“Happy Endings” Episode 2×14 captures

I added 156 “Happy Endings” Episode 2×14 captures.

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“Happy Endings” Episode 2×13 Captures

I added 67 “Happy Endings” Episode 2×13 captures.

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Added “Happy Endings” Episode 2×14 stills

I added 8 “Happy Endings” Episode 2×14 stills.

And here’s the synopsis for “The St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre” and “Everybody Loves Grant” :

“The St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre” – The road to romance is rocky for the gang, as Penny has a new boyfriend she wants to dump; Dave is afraid his new girlfriend is about to dump him; Alex, an expert on all things Valentine’s, goes looking for a party in the sketchy part of town; and Brad’s hopes for a perfect night out for Jane are dashed when a dental appointment goes terribly wrong. But they don’t have anything on Max, who picks up a couple with his limo only to find that one of the passengers is Grant (guest star James Wolk), the boyfriend he broke up with a year ago — on Valentine’s Day. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network

“Everybody Loves Grant” – When the whole gang, with the exception of Dave, falls in love with Grant (guest star James Wolk), Max wonders if he really is good enough to date the “perfect” guy. Meanwhile, Dave sets out to prove he’s way cooler than Max’s new boyfriend. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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Photo Preview: James Wolk heats up ‘Happy Endings’

The character of Max (Adam Pally) on Happy Endings is not exactly what you would call “serious,” right? Or “should be taken seriously,” especially when it comes to relationships. But perhaps that is just his way of acting out after he has gotten hurt in the past. And as we will learn in just a few weeks, Max was hurt pretty badly by an old love– yes, we said love!

In Happy Endings’ Valentine’s Day episode, which will air on February 8th, Max runs into his ex– played by the dashingly handsome James Wolk. Though Wolk’s character broke up with Max on a past Valentine’s Day, feelings are still there, and Max wants to give it a go again.

Um, really? We’d be kicking his ass to the curb!

But then again, it is Wolk, and he is charming…

“The character is the perfect guy, and James Wolk is the perfect guy, isn’t he?” Happy Endings executive producer David Caspe teased said of his guest star.

“He was someone we knew would maybe be interested in doing this show, and we were fans of his, and he just seemed kind of perfect for the part, and he decided he would do it, and it was great. He was super nice and charming, and obviously, very handsome.”

Besides, once-heartbreak or not, any time to spend a lot of time with Max is welcome, and Caspe previewed that is exactly what we will get with this story line.

“He brings out a different color in Max, and I think that will be fun to see.”


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Max’s New Romance on “Happy Endings”

During the ABC party, Happy Endings Executive Producers David Caspe and Jonathan Groff previewed the upcoming 3-episode arc with dreamboat James Wolk playing Grant, the new man in Max’s (Adam Pally) life. Caspe fleshed out the backstory of ‘Grax’ by revealing that the twosome had dated previously but Grant dumped Max on a previous Valentine’s Day. “They run into each other again on Valentines Day this year,” said Caspe, “and that re-sparks it.” Caspe and Groff added that Grant, who we’ll meet in the February 8th episode, will be the more grounded, together one in the relationship. Not a shock, however, that Wolk had quite an effect on both sexes when he was shooting his episodes.

“The first night he shot,” Groff revealed, “all the guys were like ‘Oh, we get it. He’s adorable.’ The women were like ‘We get it!’ He’s a really great guy and super charming.” Agreed!

Source: After Elton

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Added TV Guide scan

I added 1 scan from the new issue of TV Guide. Thank you Kelly for donating it!

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First Look: Happy Endings Gets Romantic for Valentine’s Day

Lone Star’s James Wolk (far right) saddles up alongside Happy Endings’ scene-stealing Adam Pally, whose Max is at long last getting some love from Cupid in a February episode of the ABC comedy.

“We finally meet one of Max’s ex-boyfriends,” says executive producer David Caspe of Wolk’s three-episode arc. “They broke up on Valentine’s Day and run into each on Valentine’s Day this year.”

Given the candles, carriage and crew of friends on the sidewalk, is the duo headed for a do-over? “They do start dating again,” confirms Caspe, who says he isn’t sure if Max is ready for romance. “He is such a weird character, it doesn’t seem like he could function normally in a serious situation at all.”

Source: TV Guide

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